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Finding Five is a recently published children's book inspired by Katy Stewart, Nancy's niece, and is intended to both comfort people who are grieving and to encourage people to find out about what close family and friends love... enjoying memorable moments that create connections which overcome distance or even death.

The book began as an assignment in Dr. Pecorale's Process of Writing class at Long Island University - a simple list of 10 things that stood out about the summer. In seeking to make writing less challenging for their students, Nancy and her classmates were put through the process themselves...with unexpected results!

Finding Five is published by Seagull Books, a division of Leo Publishing.

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In an effort to connect Finding Five to the Common Core Learning Standards in Global History, Mathematics, and English Language Arts, the following pages contain ideas for lessons.
Further on I noticed pretty pieces of clam shells. They looked like they had been dipped in purple ink. Next to them was a small white disc. Small, smooth, and perfectly round. White like the snow...